I found my inner Norwegian

Flekke, Norway
Bussum, The Netherlands

Dear everybody,

The time has come, welcome to my last blog post written here in beautiful Norway. Okay, maybe not my last blog in Norway, but my last post while I am a student here at RCN (and not an alumna, waah). Maybe you are wondering why I am writing in English, well, I decided I need to make my blog accessible for non-Dutch speakers so everybody can enjoy what I think about life and stuff. Before I start with the sentimental things about how my two years at UWC were, how much I learned, how much I am going to miss the people here and so on and so on, I want to provide you with some very exciting news, because THIS IS NOT THE END. Even though I will end my school career here at UWCRCN, I will not stop blogging and annoying you with boring shit about my life. Happy you! (Follow my adventures on the right side of the blog!) Secondly, I want to thank Christian for always sending me a message after I publish a blog. It makes me feel appreciated and it makes me realise that I am writing this blog for at least one person! Also, I dedicate the title to my lovely ex-roomie Nina, she knows why.

But okay, I promised sentimental stuff. It will be, no worries. Continue reading


Eindexamens, ik?!

Flekke, Noorwegen

Lieve mensen die dit lezen,

Een hele korte post vanuit een warm en zonnig Flekke. Vast niet zo warm als in Nederland, maar toch zeker 21 graden Celsius vandaag! Op dit moment schijnt de zon nog volop (realiseer je je dat het bijna 10 uur is, ‘s avonds) en de zon gaat voorlopig ook nog niet onder. Continue reading