I found my inner Norwegian

Flekke, Norway
Bussum, The Netherlands

Dear everybody,

The time has come, welcome to my last blog post written here in beautiful Norway. Okay, maybe not my last blog in Norway, but my last post while I am a student here at RCN (and not an alumna, waah). Maybe you are wondering why I am writing in English, well, I decided I need to make my blog accessible for non-Dutch speakers so everybody can enjoy what I think about life and stuff. Before I start with the sentimental things about how my two years at UWC were, how much I learned, how much I am going to miss the people here and so on and so on, I want to provide you with some very exciting news, because THIS IS NOT THE END. Even though I will end my school career here at UWCRCN, I will not stop blogging and annoying you with boring shit about my life. Happy you! (Follow my adventures on the right side of the blog!) Secondly, I want to thank Christian for always sending me a message after I publish a blog. It makes me feel appreciated and it makes me realise that I am writing this blog for at least one person! Also, I dedicate the title to my lovely ex-roomie Nina, she knows why.

But okay, I promised sentimental stuff. It will be, no worries.Actually, maybe I have to disappoint you. I do not think I am ready to reflect that much on my life here. Butttt, if you keep following my blog I am sure I will reflect back on these two years for at least another two years. Now I actually have no idea what to write about… So this is the end of my last RCN blog. Noooo, joking, I will just look for some nice pictures I want to show you guys. Here we go!

20150822 Theme Party Teletubbies NH104 by Ket

To start with, I want to mention that I feel extremely blessed with my room this year. For who has no idea who my roommates are, the green one is Belva (Indonesia), the red one Mariana (Venezuela), the pink one Thea (Norway) and the blue one Maruska (Czech Republic). And yes, we are dressed up as the Teletubbies.

*I managed to write this much in Norway, the rest is written while I was back home again*

Soo, good, I am back. My last exams are done (I survived geography wiehoeee) and I managed to say goodbye to my friends. My last days at RCN were quite weird to be honest, I was at school and people were still studying, but I was free and did not need to do anything?

17th of May in Dale. Melvin (El Salvador), me, Sven Herman (Norway) and Dylan (United States of America). PC: Sven Onnerstad

My last exam was Tuesday the 17th of May, Norway’s National Day. This was as well the last day that we had to wear our Russ pants (the red pants you see in the picture – Russ is the graduation tradition in Norway). We walked in the flag parade though Dale and then we ate cake, it was nice. In the evening I went with Nik (Norway/Italy/everywhere), Tao (United Kingdom), Klara (Sweden), Siri (Norway) and Balder (Norway) to Kip’s house to eat dinner (:

The last couple of days more and more people finished exams and I went kayaking, hiking and played a lot of Cards Against Humanity. Friday evening we had our graduation dinner in Flekke. It was a very cosy dinner and the teachers Mariano (Argentina) and Kip (Canada) and students Katrine (Denmark), Sven Herman and Dylan had a speech. Herman’s speech and song were absolutely amazing, so I decided to insert some parts of his song in which he summarised our two years at UWC.

And life started adapting to this place
Where we learned there‘s nothing called private space
But now we have the happiest face
Cuz today IB died
I started singing

Bye, bye nasty IB Good Bye
We ceased the beast, and now we are gonna fly
Towards Chennai with a tear in our eye
about the friends we left by
All the best friends we left by

And while some of you were looking down
Care center and Lena would come around
But was-it-sickness or prearranged
Since our condition very easily changed –

(About our Svanøy trip)
The boat trip to Svanøy was no relief
Because we were still left in grief
Deer adventures in rain
Doesn’t relief the pain

And now I say thank you to all of you
Students, staff and the cleaners too
And I hope your future will be bright
Now while IB is out of sight

Bye, bye
My friends for life
Bless and success on the futures strife
And then we see each other in our midlife
can he please finish the song?

You probably don’t understand the inside jokes, but it was extremely funny (:

Mariano giving his speech (: PC: Edmund

20160520 Graduation dinner 2

My table during the dinner!

They tried to let friend groups sit together during the dinner, so I was sitting with Carsten (Norway), Balder, Tao and Philip (Canada/China/Norway) ((:

20160520 Graduation dinner


The next day was my last day in Flekke. 642 days after I arrived, I graduated. It was a beautiful ceremony and I had to cry a lot (thank you Erik for calming me down, ahaha). Afterwards we had to say goodbye, but actually I became more and more happy, just because I realised I will see most of the people again. If I want to, I will.


20160521 Graduation hug Larry

Hugging Larry PC: Sven Onnerstad

I drove with mama, Juul and Brigitte to Bergen and on Sunday we took the plane home. Nicole (Swaziland), Kole (Lesotho), Romi (Uruguay) and Rachele (Italy) were on the same flight. UWC people are always everywhere.

This was it, for now. My summer is already full of exciting plans and lucky you, because you will be updated! I will probably find more UWC pictures I want to share with you, so don’t think it is over with the happy people pictures.

To all my UWC friends who are reading this, first years + Philip in Flekke and others from all around the world, thank you ❤




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