I decided to escape The Netherlands and go back to Norway

Fredensborg, Denmark

Dear all,

After two weeks home I decided it was enough already and left The Netherlands to go back to Norway (yeah, once in Scandinavia….). Before I left we first had the scholarship ceremony of UWC The Netherlands where a couple of people in our yeargroup met and talked about the different UWC’s and our time there. I also met Isabelle, the Dutch girl going to RCN. During that day I felt so incredibly unimportant. It was like I didn’t matter, of course the attention was for the coming students, but nobody seemed to care that I just spent the last two years at UWC. We were not important.

On Thursday I stepped into the train from Bussum to Hamburg, a 5 hour trip. This was the start of my interrail trip! In Hamburg I took the S-baan to a place close to Belva’s aunt (the S-baan was free for me, what I didn’t know so I paid €5,10 to stand in rush hour in a train that was too full with a huge backpack, not used to this after Flekke). It was really nice to see Belva (Indonesia) again, we cycled to the Elbe, had to fix a bike and found ourselves accidentally in a place full of people smoking weed… In the evening we were roommates for one more time. The next day we cycled on the other side and over the Elbe, it was really nice. Unfortunately, I had to leave already around 3. I took the S-baan back to Hamburg where I met Christian (Germany), Christian is a German boy who went to UWCUSA and he offered to host me (Facebook is actually quite amazing, I have to admit) and he showed me around in Hamburg. I have seen so much and it seems like a nice, but quite rich city.  Continue reading