Post-UWC culture shock and sunflowers

20160527 Mininacht

Bussum, The Netherlands

Life goes on and it is quite weird to walk through a crowded city, civilisation, I am not used to that anymore. For example, I don’t look around me when I want to cross the road, no need for that in Flekke.

20160523 JMA lectureOn Monday, the day after I came back to The Netherlands I went to a lecture about the question if the environmental community is an elite group or not. The lecture was organised by Young Friends of the Earth The Netherlands and there, in the little theatre in Amsterdam, I had my first post-UWC culture shock. In the end of the debate, I had the impression that the speakers and audience were judging the environmental movement for being too ‘white’ and the shared opinion was that we should improve the diversity. Maybe I am spoiled, after living in one of the most diverse places in the world for two years, but in my opinion, it does not matter where you are coming from, but who you are. Of course I support diversity, and I agree on the fact that diversity is a good thing, also in the environment movement. The thing I do not understand is why we focus too much on getting a diverse public, instead of the actual aim of the movement. However, I do not think you understand what I am saying, I am not really good in explaining my view and frustration. The same happened during the lecture and I am afraid they all hated me afterwards ):


When I  tried to explain my point but nobody understood me )): || PC: Jongeren Milieu Actief

Oké, I realise this is quite a negative start of my post-UWC life, at least, that is how it sounds. Maybe I should switch to the more positive events that happened after graduation.

20160531 Andres and Akmaral UWC Maastricht.JPG

Andrés and Akmaral in front of the UWC Maastricht sign

Andrés (Peru) and Akmaral (USA) were the first RCN’ers I have seen after I came home (I do not count the people I met at Bergen airport on my way to Amsterdam). They came to The Netherlands and needed a place to stay, so they stayed at my place for a couple of days. On Tuesday, I had to go to UWC Maastricht to see what my possibilities are for the exams in November. As you can see on the picture I brought Andrés and Akmaral with me to show them Maastricht (even though they had to explore it themselves because I had a meeting) and to show them the college. Unfortunately, my co-years left (because they also graduated ;)) but luckily I saw Akke (The Netherlands) for a couple of minutes (:



Another project I dedicated a lot of time to this week is my sunflower plant I got from my mother. No joking, once a day a little bit of water and some love create miracles. Look at the pictures I took on Monday (left), Tuesday (middle) and Wednesday (right). Yes yes, Emma is going to have sunflowers (:

I think you think this is a very boring blog. I do agree, but in my defence, my life is kind of boring. I did some interesting stuff, like spending a night at my field hockey club with 90 ten-year-olds (see the picture in the begininng of this blog) and I worked for several hours in a kitchen and as a waiter (new skills I learned this week: how to make fries and croquettes and how a cash register works). The next couple of weeks are hopefully filled with more adventures I can share with you. Otherwise I will just share more pictures of my sunflowers. For now, I have some last RCN pictures from graduation to share with you (and a picture of a nice hike I made with Belva (Indonesia). They are all made by Belva!

See you peopleeeee!!

Ps. If you want to get an email when I post something on my blog, write your email somewhere on the right side of my blog ((:


Hiking with Belva || PC: Belva







Norway House 104, I came running to this picture so I look weird, but that does not matter


My two cute first years, I will miss you ❤





One thought on “Post-UWC culture shock and sunflowers

  1. Tante van Isabelle says:

    Beste Emma,
    Sinds ik weet dat mijn nichtje ook voor twee jaar naar Flekke gaat, volg ik jouw blog. Wat een enorme ervaring voor jullie. Geweldig zoals je schrijft. Ik hoop dat mijn nichtje ons ook op deze leuke manier op de hoogte houdt van alles wat zij meemaakt. Ik ben blij dat zij deze kans gekregen heeft. En jij ook, want ik weet hoe bijzonder dit is. Het ga je goed.

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