ONE Youth Ambassador


Bussum, The Netherlands

Last year, I volunteered at The Night of UN and there was a market with several organisations in The Netherlands like PLAN, One World, the Red Cross but also ONE. I signed a petition for ONE there and a couple of weeks later I got an email where they asked if I wanted to become a youth ambassador. So, I applied, got an interview and got accepted and now I am one of the 40 ONE youth ambassadors of The Netherlands.

What is ONE? To be honest, I had no clue what they did before I applied, but now I do, hahaha. I just applied because I agreed on their values and liked the fact that they don’t ask for money, but for your voice. Continue reading


We Czeched Out Prague


Bussum, The Netherlands

All the beautiful pictures of Prague are taken by Carsten, thank you! ((:  All the ugly pictures are taken by me.

Dear all,

First of all, I have some good news! I passed my physics exam and I passed chemistry, TOK and my EE! This means I am officially done with high school! (:

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