We Czeched Out Prague


Bussum, The Netherlands

All the beautiful pictures of Prague are taken by Carsten, thank you! ((:  All the ugly pictures are taken by me.

Dear all,

First of all, I have some good news! I passed my physics exam and I passed chemistry, TOK and my EE! This means I am officially done with high school! (:

In December I went to Prague with Carsten. It is quite embarrassing, but Czech is the most east I have been in Europe and I actually expected the city to be more ‘Eastern European’ (as far as you can generalise that), but it was not.

We had an amazing airbnb right next to the television tower. It was a couple of minutes away from the metro station with a direct line to the centre. Our host was on a holiday in Thailand, so we had the whole apartment to ourselves. Click here for the apartment on airbnb.


Under our apartment was a very cosy pub, where we drank our first Czech beers. It is absolutely crazy, but everything is so cheap there! Especially alcohol, we paid around €1.4 for 0.5 litre beer. They also served meals until 5 in the morning (not that we made it that late – but it is a cool fun fact).

During the week we have seen a lot of Prague. We went to the zoo, which was one of the saddest zoos I have ever been to. Almost all cages were way too small and the animals looked very unhappy. Quite some animals were also inside already because of the cold.

The city, on the other hand, was not sad at all. There were so many Christmas markets with local food (like trdlo) and donkeys, which you could feed. The old town was beautiful, the buildings were colourful with a lot of details. I really really liked it there!


We also visited the opera. We bought the cheapest seats, but still only paid €5 each. We went to see ‘The Jacobin’, the oldest opera in Prague. It was very beautiful and I liked it a lot. Unfortunately, it started quite late and had three acts who all lasted one hour, so after act one we left. Carsten still had a jetlag and I was just very tired. Nevertheless, we experience the opera and it was beautiful.


Public transport is very easy to use in Prague, we just bought a ticket for a couple of days and could make unlimited use of the bus, metro and tram. Which was nice, because it was very cold outside. At some point we were looking for a grocery store because we had the apartment to ourselves, so we wanted to make some food. We found a grocery store in one of the metro stations and it was called ‘Albert’, and for the Dutch people among us, look what I found:

There were so many AH huismerk products. Some were translated, some were in Dutch (not even English). Quite weird, you leave your country, but still have your own food…

All in all, the trip was very very nice, and I enjoyed it a lot 🙂 . At some point we had to go home, because Christmas was coming. Unfortunately, my wisdom tooth got infected the day before Christmas, which hurts a lot I can tell you. So, on December 30th I had an emergency operation to remove two wisdom teeth. This meant I actually spent my last days of 2016 drugged out on the couch. Oh well.

So, now it is 2017 already! 2016 went incredibly fast, at least for me. This year will be fun, I hope. At the moment I am applying to universities and directly after the selection I will be going to Tanzania! Before I leave I will be helping with the UWC selection and I also got selected to be a youth ambassador for ONE, but I am not really sure what I have to do, but I will hear soon and then I will keep you up to date. We also planned another midsummer trip for next summer, this time in Denmark, with a lot of people. Afterwards we go to Roskilde (very very big festival) because we most likely have jobs there!

So many nice things to look forward to! 🙂


Oh! And Belva had a lay over in Amsterdam and came to see me for a couple of hours!


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