ONE Youth Ambassador


Bussum, The Netherlands

Last year, I volunteered at The Night of UN and there was a market with several organisations in The Netherlands like PLAN, One World, the Red Cross but also ONE. I signed a petition for ONE there and a couple of weeks later I got an email where they asked if I wanted to become a youth ambassador. So, I applied, got an interview and got accepted and now I am one of the 40 ONE youth ambassadors of The Netherlands.

What is ONE? To be honest, I had no clue what they did before I applied, but now I do, hahaha. I just applied because I agreed on their values and liked the fact that they don’t ask for money, but for your voice.

ONE is an international organisation (with more than 7.5 million members) against extreme poverty and preventable disease, mainly in Africa. They don’t have their own projects but have campaigns and lobby at governments to get more money toward development aid. In Europe there are 300 youth ambassadors, of which 40 are Dutch. The other ambassadors are from the UK, Belgium/ Brussels (for the EU), France, Ireland and Italy.


The Dutch Youth Ambassadors 2017. I am somewhere on the right side.

On January 19th we launched the campaign One Vote. Because the parliamentary elections will be held in March, we try to raise awareness for extreme poverty under the politicians. We are doing that by letting them sign a pledge, which says that if they will be elected to be a member of parliament, they will give attention to ‘solving’ extreme poverty. As youth ambassadors, we have meetings with the candidate-parliamentarians (there are around 200 of them). Eventually, we hope that at least half (75+) parliamentarians have signed the pledge.


A meeting with Kees Verhoeven from D66, together with my fellow ONE ambassadors Tim and Daniël.

But you can help as well! ONE tries to get as many signatures to show politicians that extreme poverty is an important thing and that we need to talk about it. You can sign here if you want (don’t worry, you won’t get spam emails afterwards, just one ‘thank-you-email’.)

One more thing about ONE, I had to make a twitter account to talk with politicians and promote ONE. So, if you would like to follow it click here (I have to admit I don’t really understand twitter yet).

The rest of my life: I am working on my uni application/selection and arranging things for my trip to Tanzania! The tickets are booked (((:

Speak to you soooonn

Here some links for if you are interested in ONE: (there are more petitions to sign by the way!)

International ONE site
Dutch ONE site
ONE Vote
My twitter

Oh, en voor de Nederlanders onder ons. Bent u een (kandidaat) Tweede Kamer lid of kent u er een? Ik zou het echt super vinden om in contact te komen en te praten over extreme armoede!


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