I am finally in Tanzania!

Moshi, Tanzania

Update: I could not send this message yesterday because I do not have internet in the volunteers house. Now I am sitting on a bench under a big tree at the ISM campus. This morning I ate breakfast in Moshi and walked around there. I also bought a useful phrases book English-Swahili, so hopefully I will be able to say the basics soon.

Dear all,

I am in Tanzania, finally! For a long time I was planning on going to Tanzania, and the moment I booked my tickets I was so extremely happy, but it was still so far away. And suddenly, two weeks ago before I left I realised it was actually going to happen. I am really going to Tanzania.

On Wednesday I took a plane to Kilimanjaro airport and from there I went to Moshi, my home for the next 3 months. Moshi is a town in northern Tanzania, near the Kilimanjaro. I have been here before in 2013, together with my family. We visited Marco and Marieke and their 6 hildren who live and work there. The last couple of days I have been at their house so many times, because they are amazing and it is very cosy (:

I am staying in the volunteers house from the international school, a 30 seconds walk from the school itself. There are 4 other volunteers in the house and one student teacher. My roommate is Jip, another Dutch girl. I am not 100% settled yet, even though I did unpack and finally have my mosquito net hanging above my bed. I still do not have my keys (which was very annoying because I could not get in today) and need to change mattress because I almost feel like the Princess and the Pea 😉

Our volunteers house


The other volunteers here are boarding volunteers, they help with teaching classes, extra-curriculum activities and boarding events. I am a different kind of volunteer, because I will help with the fundraising of the college (next to many other things). The International School of Moshi (ISM) wants to become a UWC and therefor they need money. Because I know UWC quite well, I will try to help with that. I started with gathering people (in East Africa) for a task force, so if you want to join, feel free to message me!

The last week I have been to cool places around. For example to the hot springs yesterday, with Jip and a friend of her from The Netherlands (and her family). The hot springs were beautiful with warm and clear water. You could swing into the water and it was almost magical. I have also visited some cool bars and restaurants, like the Railway Station, which is literally an old railway station where you are sitting with a beautiful view on the Kilimanjaro and yesterday we went to Bikers Bar, a real backpackerscafé.

Hot springs

Other things that already have happened were the blood drive and Kili Marathon. The blood drive was a blood donation action from the bloodbank. I helped out and also donated blood! Now I am 18, I can finally donate and the blood is needed a lot here.On Sunday there was the marathon here in Moshi, I did not run, but watched. At 7 in the morning I went out to look and first there was the 10 km disabled race and afterwards the (half-)marathon. In the mornings it is nice and cold her, but around 8 it gets warmer. Funny enough, the rain season arrived together with me (or I took the rain with me) and that cools it down here, with a casual storm in between as well. When I was doing a hash on Sunday (a hash is kind of like a hike where you have to find hints to continue) it rained a lot and it got soooo muddy, but that is okay, because it is part of the fun.

Kili Marathon


It is weird, I have not even been here for a week, but it feels like forever. I have done a lot of things, met new people and got so so so many new impressions. At the moment I am sitting in the volunteers house, Jip and Jennifer (another volunteer) are watching a movie. It is funny, we do not have internet in our house, so everything happens with 3G. I also bought a Tanzanian simcard and have a bit of data, but others buy so much you can watch movies with it. But then again, things are pretty cheap here compared to home.

Tomorrow I am going into Moshi with Jennifer and Ela (two volunteers) to eat breakfast and afterwards I have to give a short talk about my Extended Essay to the DP1 students. Each day comes as it comes and I am living on TFT (Tanzanian Flexible Time).

Soon I will tell more about what is happening here!

Loaaads of hugs from Tanzania


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