About how I try to survive in 36 degrees Celsius

Moshi, Tanzania

Dear all,

While I am writing this I realise this is my third week here already. Time flies! I am almost on a quarter of my trip… For some weird reason, days here pass like crazy and even though I have done a lot of things, I still have the feeling I just arrived.

I am here to help with the fundraising for the International School of Moshi (ISM), they want to become a UWC and that is where I have to help. I am working together with Gemma, and we created a task force of people who can help us. In the task force, there are many UWC alumni from or in East Africa, ISM alumni and other people interested. We are organising events her in Moshi, but also in Arusha and Dar Es Salaam. I hope I can actually help with something, because it would be great if ISM would be a UWC. However, I need to say that I am a bit hypocritical because I do not think I fully agree with the speed in which we got new UWC colleges the last couple of years. Of course, it is great that many people can have a UWC experience, but I prefer quality over quantity and as many national committees are already struggling with getting scholarships, how are we going to be able to pay for all these (extra) students? I still support a UWC here in Tanzania because I believe that we need another UWC on the African continent, same as in Latin-America. But before we are able to actually have this UWC, we need money, loooaaads of money.

Random picture of a supermarket here. They have no fruits or vegetables but so many sodas, sanitary products and plates…

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