I kayaked to Kenya

Moshi, Tanzania

Oh oh oh, so much has happened and I have not told you anything about it! Where should I start? Maybe I should explain my current situation. ISM has Spring Break at the moment, 2,5 weeks off!  Tomorrow I will go on a trip, but I will tell you more about that in my next blog. At the moment, I am sitting on a bench in the playground of ISM. I needed internet to send some emails and reply to Facebook messages (sorry guys, I will try to reply earlier) and around me there are people working on maintaining the school. I re-invented Flekke fashion, as I am wearing rainboots (rain season has started and there is a lot of mud), my new tailored trousers with a colourful African print, a t-shirt and a fleece. And I am eating banana crisps, yeah, life is nice. The last week I have attended a neurology conference for non-neurologists. I have learned a lot of things, but some things were just too complicated. However, I enjoyed it a lot to be able to be there.

Hugo on the rock in the river. There is not much water yet on this picture, but now it has rain extremely hard, there is more water.

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