I kayaked to Kenya

Moshi, Tanzania

Oh oh oh, so much has happened and I have not told you anything about it! Where should I start? Maybe I should explain my current situation. ISM has Spring Break at the moment, 2,5 weeks off!  Tomorrow I will go on a trip, but I will tell you more about that in my next blog. At the moment, I am sitting on a bench in the playground of ISM. I needed internet to send some emails and reply to Facebook messages (sorry guys, I will try to reply earlier) and around me there are people working on maintaining the school. I re-invented Flekke fashion, as I am wearing rainboots (rain season has started and there is a lot of mud), my new tailored trousers with a colourful African print, a t-shirt and a fleece. And I am eating banana crisps, yeah, life is nice. The last week I have attended a neurology conference for non-neurologists. I have learned a lot of things, but some things were just too complicated. However, I enjoyed it a lot to be able to be there.

Hugo on the rock in the river. There is not much water yet on this picture, but now it has rain extremely hard, there is more water.

Yesterday, Jip, Ela and I went to Lake Chala. Lake Chala is a lake that is half in Tanzania and half in Kenya. After we paid a lot of entrance fees (everytime we had to pay a new one somewhere else – they do everything to get money from you) we went down to the water to kayak! It was so nice to be on the water again and the surroundings were surreal. I felt like I was featuring in a movie. Us, in kayaks, blue water, the sun and the most beautiful nature, including baboons. I also went swimming there, because it is a place where you will regret it if you did not go swimming. We think we kayaked to Kenya, which is cool, so now I have been to Kenya as well.





Ela and I


Me looking over Lake Chala

Other things that happened. I went to see the movie “The Ivory Game” about the elephant hunt on ivory, very impressive. I also went to see the primary show, which was cute. One Sunday there was a motor cross, organised by someone more up the mountain. It was really cool, but dusty, to see! People would come from Dar or Nairobi to Moshi to participate. The local heroes were cheered for the loudest and we cheered for someone from ISM and his father.


Primary show

Motor cross

Because ISM also has the IB, the DP2s had their art exhibition and I went to take a look. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, I missed both art exhibitions at RCN, so it was good to see this one.

Art exhibition – so good

ISM and the Kili, do I need to say more?

This is a picture of the tailor and the fabric of the trousers I am wearing now. There was even some fabric left so we also got a t-shirt!

With the tailor and the fabric (picture made by Jip)

So many awesome bags on the second-hand clothes market

So, as you can see, I have done a lot of things again! But, I have to, because I am half-way on my journey here now! Half-way, it is so crazy to think about. Mary, the student teacher, has already left, she went back home. Ela will leave soon and Jip will leave in 2 weeks. I heard we will be getting two new volunteers, so I am very curious!

For now, I will just continue walking around in my rain boots and enjoy the rain falling down on the roof when I laying safely in my bed, surrounded my a mosquito net. During the night it rains like crazy, and I know already that I will miss that sound a lot. Being here gives me a lot of time to think about this whole journey and its purpose. What I am actually doing here and mostly, if I am doing something useful. I do not need to be here and save the world, like most people want when they go and volunteer (uhm, volutourism…..) but I do want to leave a small impact. On myself, but also on my surroundings. I think I have done that. I am working on the UWC project and I feel that I have given them energy and the push they needed. That what I am doing is making a chance within the project, so that is good. Right?

20170404 Jump in the rain 1.jpg

Speak to you soon!



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