We all gathered in Reersø

Bussum, the Netherlands

After I came back from Tanzania I was home for a month. During that month I spent time with friends, volunteered at the field hockey match between the Netherlands and Australia and prepared for the UWC summer xperience (will talk about that in a later blog post). On the 19th of June, I left the Netherlands again, this time to go to Denmark!

Last year, we had spent Midsummer in Klara’s (Sweden) summer house (remember?) and we wanted to do it again this year. Katrine (Denmark) invited us to her summer house in Denmark. We were so many UWCers!!! Katrine, Tao (UK), Carsten (Norway), Norman (Denmark), Ulrikke (Denmark), Amanda (Sweden), Solveig (Norway/France), Sophia (Denmark), Mar (Netherlands), Wouter (Netherlands – WK UWC) and Mai (Vietnam) were there! Klara and Isak (Denmark) had also been there, but I had missed them. It was so amazing to see them again, listen to their stories, discuss problems and just feel at home again. Rest. We were at peace. It felt like we had all done the craziest things this year and tasted reality, now we could go back into our safe zone. Continue reading


Remember I was in Tanzania once?

The rainseason has officially started

This should have been the title of a blog post I was writing in Tanzania. I left Tanzania in May, it is August now. What happened?! A lot, and blog by blog I will try to give you an update. So, first of all, my last few weeks in Tanzania. (Written in May)

Moshi, Tanzania


In the end of this week, I will be leaving Tanzania and that is crazy to think about. One week is nothing and there is still so many things I have to do, procedures want to change and adventures I have to explore. The past month I have done a lot of cool things. If I tell you all of them, you would barely believe that I am actually here to work on the journey of ISM (the school here) towards becoming a UWC. But I am actually doing a lot of work, I write reports, email people, come up with ideas, give talks and mainly keep on explaining what UWC is and why ISM wants to become one. I have also thrown myself into de (non-exsisting) alumni database, which is a lot of work, but it has to be done, so that is why I do it – otherwise it would never happen. Continue reading