We all gathered in Reersø

Bussum, the Netherlands

After I came back from Tanzania I was home for a month. During that month I spent time with friends, volunteered at the field hockey match between the Netherlands and Australia and prepared for the UWC summer xperience (will talk about that in a later blog post). On the 19th of June, I left the Netherlands again, this time to go to Denmark!

Last year, we had spent Midsummer in Klara’s (Sweden) summer house (remember?) and we wanted to do it again this year. Katrine (Denmark) invited us to her summer house in Denmark. We were so many UWCers!!! Katrine, Tao (UK), Carsten (Norway), Norman (Denmark), Ulrikke (Denmark), Amanda (Sweden), Solveig (Norway/France), Sophia (Denmark), Mar (Netherlands), Wouter (Netherlands – WK UWC) and Mai (Vietnam) were there! Klara and Isak (Denmark) had also been there, but I had missed them. It was so amazing to see them again, listen to their stories, discuss problems and just feel at home again. Rest. We were at peace. It felt like we had all done the craziest things this year and tasted reality, now we could go back into our safe zone.

If you looked at our group, we have literally explored the whole world this year. Tao went to Cuba, Katrine to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and travelled all over with Semester at Sea, Ulrikke spent a long time in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay as well and went back in the end of the summer, Sophia had a crazy journey to Russia, Ethiopia and Argentia, Carsten went to China and studies in the US, I went to Tanzania, Mar went to India, Turkey and Spain, Solveig spent 6 months in Honduras and Wouter had just come back from Swaziland. We had seen every corner of the world, learned new languages, discovered new music and all had amazing stories to share.

I thought it was beautiful how we, world travellers, from all different countries, came together in Denmark. Discussed our adventures and will now fly out again, all to different places. We will go to the USA (Maine, Florida, North Carolina), Netherlands (Groningen, Amsterdam, Wageningen), Nepal, Sweden (Stockholm), South Korea (Seoul), Italy (Milan), Germany (Berlin) and Canada (Vancouver). And who knows, maybe we will all get together again next summer?

The week was amazing, we made good food, went swimming in the sea, read our books, burned a witch (Danish midsummer tradition) and mainly just had a lot of fun!


20170620 Emma on beach (Carsten)

PC: Carsten

20170622 In the kitchen 6 (Tao)

Drinking PISner, Danish beer

20170622 Sitting (Tao)

PC: Tao

Summerhouse (Tao)

The house! PC: Tao

I was so happy to have seen everybody, it gave me new energy, a smile on my face. We are apart, but when we are together, it is still like how it was.

After midsummer, Katrine, Solveig, Carsten and I went on to Roskilde! Roskilde is a town in Denmark where they have Roskilde festival every year. It is absolutely huge. 100.000 people and 30.000 volunteers. We were one of these volunteers, together with Maja (Sweden/Hungary) and Iikka (Finland). We were responsible for the orange tents and had to work for 24 hours in total.


20170624 Orange tents 2

Tents we were responsible for.


20170624 Walking 3

So much luggage!

20170625 Breakfast 2 (Katrine)

So much unhealthy food (PC: Katrine)

We were definitely not the only UWCers around! On the first day we saw someone with a UWC Costa Rica sweater and he brought us to the UWCCR camp! There was also another UWC camp with students from Maastricht, USA and Atlantic College. We also met people from Adriatic and Mostar! Soooooo many UWCers, so much happiness.

20170626 Katrine bag 4


The first 4 days were just chilling a bit, and the music started the last 4 days. We spent a lot of time with the UWCers, in different camps, at different activities, exploring the fesitval terrain. It was very big.


20170627 Iikka and Maja breakfast (Katrine)

Iikka and Maja eating breakfast (PC: Katrine)

20170627 Jungle speed 3

Jungle speed with UWCers!

Buttt there was also a lot of good music, we went to see the Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, Lumineers, Copenhagen Phil Orchestra, Father John Misty and many many many more!! I also discovered a lot of new and cool artists.

20170628 Emma, Carsten, Norman (Katrine)

Norman came as well for one day (PC Katrine)

20170628 Katrine Carsten shift 4

Working at 4 am with Katrine and Carsten

20170630 Foo Fighters 1

Foo Fighters!

20170701 Arcade Fire 2

This is Orange Stage (main stage) and it was huge!

20170701 Solveig Emma 3

With Solveig!

Group pic 1

Group picture with the UWC RCNers!

The fesitval was big, exhausting but worth it. I have smiled so much, felt so relaxed and met so many nice people. It was great to listen to the acts, I enjoyed the working in the tented camp and I was able to spend more time with some amazing RCNers.

All in all, two extremely good weeks! (:




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